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Authority assists East Timor police complaints body

4-3/09 - Independent Police Conduct Authority investigator Norm Cook has been appointed to a six month term mentoring police complaints investigators in East Timor.

Mr Cook departed today to take up his role with the East Timor Provedoria for Human Rights and Justice (PHRJ), which provides civilian oversight of the East Timor Police and other government agencies. His appointment followed an approach from the PHRJ, which sought an experienced investigator to mentor staff investigating allegations of misconduct by East Timor security forces (police and military).

Mr Cook has served since November 2003 as an investigator for the Authority. He is a former Detective Inspector in the New Zealand Police, having served for 36 years in the Criminal Investigation Branch.

Mr Cook’s posting is funded through the United Nations Development Programme. The Authority has appointed an experienced investigator on a short term contract to replace him during his absence.

Mr Cook’s appointment follows the appointment in 2008 of one of the Authority’s two investigation team leaders, Bob Grinstead, as lead investigator for Kenya’s Commission of inquiry into Post Election Violence.





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